Our Story

Performance Muffins was co-founded by siblings Richard Esposito, fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur; and Angela Hubert, certified fitness and nutrition instructor and finance executive. The siblings grew up in a home where good food and creativity was paramount to their family values. When Richard became a father, his son refused to eat anything healthy because it simply “didn't taste good.” Esposito’s long history of experimentation with food, and vested interest in fitness, challenged him to develop something his son could not refuse to eat! The delicious, protein-packed snack outperformed the family’s usual kitchen criticism, and the Performance Muffin was born. 

The shared entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for healthy living, of Angela and Richie led them to form D&D AR Foods, LLC. Thus began the quest to grow a family-built company focused on delivering healthy and tasty snacks to people on the go. The siblings’ parents, “Nonna and Poppy,” were recruited to the kitchen – after all, they had taught the new business owners almost everything they had known about food. As time went on, daughters, sons, nephews and nieces spent their time building the brand and helping the family team fulfill new orders. The Performance Muffin brand will always be home to a family-owned and operated business.

In 2016, Richard unexpectedly passed, and the passion that the siblings once envisioned together lived on in the family’s resilience and faith that the Performance Muffin would one day become a household name. With family assistance, Angela was able to continue moving forward. Richard and Angela’s dreams are growing every day with new recipes and products packed with quality ingredients to continually expand the Performance Muffin family!